Education Is Key: Learning from the Success of Sukanto Tanoto

Success doesn’t always comes easy, and, for Sukanto Tanoto – founder of the Tanoto Foundation and the RGE group of companies dedicated to global resource-based manufacturing – the struggles that formed the path to success came with many challenges at a young age.

An Early Life of Struggle

The oldest of seven children, Mr. Tanoto spent the early years of his life struggling to gather resources and earn a living for himself and his family.

The difficult situation he found himself in forced him to learn and ask about the most difficult practices from those who already knew how the world of business worked. After two years of challenges, trials and errors, he finally managed to stabilize and grow his business, through constant effort and education.

Mr. Tanoto started his first business more than 40 years ago, providing spare parts to be used in the oil and construction industries.

Success through Learning and Persistence

Mr. Tanoto is a source of inspiration for his scholarship recipients (the Tanoto Scholars), leading by example and encouraging intense learning and hard work to become gradually better at the work they perform being the best path to true success.

Mr. Tanoto has applauded the efforts that many young aspiring entrepreneurs have put into learning from various books and understanding the basic principles of the businesses they wish to engage in. However, he also added that gathering knowledge is not enough and, in order to truly excel as a successful entrepreneur, you also need clear goals, determination and lots of hard work.

Sukanto Tanoto emphasizes the importance of using both learning resources and constant practice to achieve better results, and, most importantly, he insists on the values that persistence can have, even when the odds are against you.

The founder of the Tanoto foundation continues to this day to offer invaluable assistance, through education and other resources, as well as practical teachings for people to achieve the highest possible potential in any business venture they may wish to explore.

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