Going on a paper trail: Under Sukanto Tanoto, Asia Symbol Opens its Doors

Sukanto Tanoto is a businessman who has built an empire in the natural resource-manufacturing industry; he has founded several companies including APRIL, Asia Symbol, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas, and manages all these business groups through RGE, of which he is chairman of. The heavyweight entrepreneur, now into his 50th year of business, is respected for both his business nous and principles. The 5Cs principle exhorted by Sukanto Tanoto, emphasises creating good for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer, and Company. By extension, the 5Cs encourages the duty and obligation that companies have to the community to be fulfilled.

Doing good together, creating value as one

To that end, Sukanto Tanoto’s companies have heeded his words. While the various business group are all run independently, they have all adopted, and adapted for their own, the founder’s community-centric philosophy. Even in China, good work is being done as a result Sukanto Tanoto’s philosophy.


Going on a paper trail: Under Sukanto Tanoto, Asia Symbol Opens its Doors

Asia Symbol: China’s hottest (industrial) tourist spot

As one of China’s biggest pulp and paper players, Asia Symbol has made good use of its name to increase public awareness of the industry’s best practices. All year round, the company opens its doors to visitors. Thousands of visitors have already taken a tour at its operations, catching a glimpse of the company’s many scientific innovations in its operations. Asia Symbol regularly organises school visits as well. In APRIL alone, 1,100 students were invited to visit the operations by Sukanto Tanoto’s Asia Symbol.

Asia Symbol’s motivation in showcasing its operations was two-fold. Undeniably, it formed part of Asia Symbol’s efforts to increase the transparency of its operations. Furthermore, the showcase constituted a tangible effort to focus on education for sustainable practices. Clearly, Asia Symbol’s efforts have paid off. The trip has left a visible impression, with some students even harbouring new-found ambitions of working at Asia Symbol in the future.

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