New community center established by Tanoto Foundation sees South Jakarta neighborhood flourish

The Tanoto Foundation was established by RGE founder, entrepreneur and businessman, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, with the sole focus and goal of the betterment of local Indonesian communities’ lives. With this in mind, it is the Tanoto Foundation’s mission to seek out villages in rural Indonesia in much need of valuable infrastructure and development, and the urban village of Tebet Barat in South Jakarta was no exception.

Head of the Tebet Barat Urban Village, Muhammad Nur, expressing his gratitude toward the Tanoto Foundation.

The development of Tebet Barat

Despite the rapid growth that the region of Jakarta has seen over recent years, there have been numerous facility and infrastructure gaps in this development – including the provision of children’s playgrounds and other community facilities. Due to these growing gaps, local children have taken to playing in dirty, narrow alleyways, while adults have few opportunities or places to meet for recreation in their leisure time.

The Tanoto Foundation has taken it upon themselves to redress this imbalance in the local village of Tebet Barat, and has recently developed a local playground and community center, now found in the heart of the busy and bustling neighborhood.

The newly build public space, called the RPTRAP Akasia, measures 2,400 square meters, while the facility includes a children’s playground, library, gardens, sports pitches and a multi-purpose room in which to support classes and local events. Additionally, a local shop has also been established, enabling local women to sell their handicrafts, and thus, supplement their household income.

‘With the existence of RPTRA Akasia, we hope children in Tebet Barat and the surrounding areas can play and learn so that they can grow and develop well’ – Sihol Aritonang, Head of the Tanoto Foundation Executive Board.

In line with Mr. Tanoto’s belief that learning does not always have to occur in a classroom, but also the surrounding environment, it is the Tanoto Foundation’s hope that this new development in Tebet Barat will encourage positive improvement in this region of Jakarta.

This project in Tebet Barat comes as part of the Tanoto Foundation’s commitment to education, community empowerment, overall enhancement of lives and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals throughout cities across the world.

The Tebet Barat project is one of many that the Tanoto Foundation has supported throughout Jakarta in recent years, including similar public space development in Cempaka Putih, and an early childhood development center. For more empowering changes and stories supported by the Tanoto Foundation, you can follow the leader himself, Mr. Tanoto: Sukanto Tanoto, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles..

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