Good for Everyone: Sukanto Tanoto’s Asia Symbol Receives Plaudits from Government

Sukanto Tanoto is one of Indonesia’s most successful entrepreneurs, a bona-fide self-made success story. As Chairman of RGE, which manages companies such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas, Sukanto Tanoto controls assets worth over 18 billion dollars, and has a workforce of over 60, 000 employees. He is a businessman with a heart too. Resolute in his beliefs, Sukanto Tanoto has stuck by his principle of the 5Cs throughout. In 50 years of business, he has sought to create good for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer, and Company.

Made in Indonesia, welcome worldwide

Sukanto Tanoto, in one generation, has built one of Indonesia’s biggest empires. To date, his businesses operate in Indonesia, China, Brazil, Canada, Spain, and Singapore. It is testament to his leadership, and focus on creating shared value, that his companies have been well-received globally. Most recently Asia Symbol, one of RGE’s business groups, received plaudits for its good work in China.

One of China’s largest pulp and paper producers, Asia Symbol operates the world’s largest single pulp production line. They most recently hosted Shandong province’s Environmental Protection Department Director, Wang An De, and his entourage. The director, also accompanied by Rizhao’s Vice-Mayor Xu Shuli, were brought along a tour of Asia Symbol’s operations.

Good for the Earth, Good for the People

The tour was undoubtedly a success, with the director visibly impressed. It was unsurprising, given Asia Symbol’s 40 billion yuan investment into creating more environmentally-friendly processes. With Sukanto Tanoto’s Asia Symbol leading the way in almost every salient environmental indicator, the money has definitely been well spent.

Beyond just benefitting the environment, Asia Symbol’s operations have also benefitted the local community. The company’s water treatment facilities allow it to save up to 10 million tonnes of water annually. With over 68 million yuan invested into this project, enough water is expected to be saved for over 200,000 households. With Asia Symbol’s work visibly benefitting both the community and environment, Sukanto Tanoto will surely be proud.

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