APRIL group’s RER project wins acclaim from environmental expert

Indonesia’s Kampar Peninsula is a tropical hotbed of biodiversity which was previously under threat. Thanks to swift action by Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL group, the natural heritage of this region is being documented to aid conservation efforts.

Recently, Dr Tony Whitten (environmental scientist and Asia Pacific Regional Director of Flora and Flora International) praised the environmental efforts being carried out by the RER project, which has the full support of APRIL and its founder, entrepreneur and business leader, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto.

Discovering Kampar’s biodiversity – and preserving it for future generations

In order to preserve the Kampar Peninsula’s natural heritage, the scientists and their field teams being supported as part of APRIL’s sustainability policy, first need to map out the region and identify the unique plants and animals which exist there.

This is no easy task, considering the area’s extreme humidity, annual rainfall of over 4 500mm a year, and swampy terrain that is extremely challenging to walk through. Fortunately, the RER team is up to the challenge of realizing Mr. Tanoto’s environmental vision.

A first step toward regional sustainability

The huge variety of plant and animal species that live in the 150 000 hectares that span the Kampar Peninsula are part of the natural heritage of Indonesia – Mr. Tanoto’s home country and the place where his RGE group of companies was first founded.

From tigers and wild cats to marsh plants and a huge population of insects, these species can only be conserved if they are documented and understood.

Following the vision of the Tanoto Foundation, the RER project will lay the foundation for a regional conservation plan that will ensure the survival of rare species years from now.

If you’d like to learn more about the philanthropic and environmental efforts being supported by the RGE group, please follow Mr. Sukanto Tanoto via social media on Sukanto Tanoto via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, About.me or LinkedIn.

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