Tanoto Foundation Helps Boost Science & Technology in Indonesia

It’s no secret that the Tanoto Foundation takes great pleasure in providing scholarships, support and various learning opportunities to the youth of Indonesia. Over the years many efforts have been made by the Tanoto Foundation to keep the youth studying hard, applying themselves, and learning skills and talents required to boost growth and development not only personally, but for the country too.

Recently the Tanoto Foundation has taken its philanthropy and student funding to the next level by focusing on science and technology students with fantastic ideas, but without the finances required to help them make their ideas a reality.

Scientific and technological research

The Tanoto Foundation has helped many students in their endeavours to bring to life new scientific technology, that if properly developed in the future, can mean great things for the students and for Indonesia too. Those with award winning concepts and prototypes are awarded the much coveted Tanoto Student Research Awards.

Two student projects supported and awarded by the Tanoto Foundation recently include:

  • Electricity consumption savings – Muhammed Taufik Hidayat is a 22-year-old student who received a Tanoto Student Research Award for this system designed to provide maximum savings on energy consumption. The system can work seamlessly in any business or residential building.
  • Multifunctional maritime defence aircraft – prototypes have been created by two students; Matsani and R Oktario. The prototypes are of a sea-craft that will protect the sea territory of Indonesia. The aim of such a device will be to protect the country from piracy, natural disasters, illegal fishing and more.

The Tanoto Foundation presents Tanoto Student Research Awards each year in an endeavour to support students who have applied themselves to furthering Indonesia in terms of science and technology.

What does the Tanoto Foundation hope to achieve with its student research awards?

According to Belinda Tanoto who is on the board of trustees of the Tanoto Foundation, the philanthropic efforts of the foundation since 2011 have been aimed at steadily promoting and developing an attitude of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

The foundation provides all self-starters with the motivation and encouragement required to take those first steps to becoming micro enterprises that can boost the Indonesian economy and overall development.

With the aid and support of the Tanoto Foundation, it is the hope that the science and technology fields in Indonesia will become more attractive to aspiring students.

Image Credit: RiauoneStudents receive research awards from the Tanoto Foundation

Image URL: http://riauone.com/advertorial/Terinspirasi-Don-rsquo-t-Give-Up-without-a-Fight-nya-Sukanto-Tanoto-2

Tanoto Foundation Science Awards

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