Sukanto Tanoto – A True Philanthropist and Asset to Indonesia

Many people see Mr Sukanto Tanoto as a rich and powerful business man in Indonesia. It’s true of course. Mr Tanoto is actively involved in Indonesia’s lumber and paper manufacturing industry and has made a great success of it, but that’s not all that there is to Mr Tanoto.

He is also considered a visionary and pioneer with a business philosophy that has carried him to success both in business and in his contribution to sustainable growth.

How did Mr Tanoto get started?

When Mr Tanoto first started his business, he understood the importance of a strategic corporate responsibility effort.

His first steps were to build schools and teach students good farming techniques through his Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper business. He also helped local farming communities submit reports to NGOs to help promote the conservation of forests in Riau, Indonesia too.

He didn’t stop there though. Tanoto also founded the Tanoto Foundation which provides professorship awards. Research program funding and scholarships have been made possible through this very foundation.

Here’s a quick list of Tanoto’s top philanthropic efforts over the past few years:

  • 2005 – Donated the building of the INSEAD library in Singapore
  • 2007 – Granted US$ 130 000 donation/award to science students developing various technological research programs
  • 2006 – Donated funding to the completion of the Beijing National Stadium and the Beijing National Aquatics Center
  • 2010 – Donated 30 million yuan for the building of a public library in China
  • 2015 – Established the Tanoto Forestry Information Center in the Bogor Agricultural University
  • 2016 – Donated 200 000 children’s books to a public library
  • 2016 – Collaborated with the UN development program to implement sustainable development projects
  • 2016 – Donated 100 million yuan to the One Belt, One Road project for training

The Tanoto Foundation is also well known for partnering with over 320 schools and 28 universities in Indonesia in order to present over 5,200 students with scholarships.

These are just a few of the philanthropic endeavours that Mr Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation have organised and been involved in. There are many more ventures that the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation are proud to be associated with, making both the group and Mr Sukanto Tanoto an asset to Indonesia and its communities.

Image Credit: Inside RGE – Tanoto Foundation is now part of the Sustainable Development Goals joint secretariat in Indonesia, in collaboration with UNDP. (Front row: UN Resident Coordinator for Indonesia Douglas Broderick [5th from left], Head of Tanoto Foundation Executive Board Sihol Aritonang [1st from left], Tanoto Foundation Board of Trustees Member Belinda Tanoto [4th from left], BPS-Statistics Indonesia Dr Ali Said [4th from right] and NTU Asst Prof Sonny Rosenthal [3rd from right]).

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Tanoto Foundation UNDP

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