Philanthropy – RGE Business Group Helps Indonesia’s Government Handle Economic Growth

Needing more money is an age old tale told by communities, governments and corporations the world over. Unfortunately, in developing countries such as Indonesia where growth is averaging at an impressive rate of 5% per year, the responsibility doesn’t just fall on the government to sustain such growth and ensure that it continues. It takes a collaboration between government, businesses and communities. This philosophy is synonymous with the basic business principles of Mr Sukanto Tanoto who heads the RGE, which manages a group of world-class resource-manufacturing companies.

Support needed from the private sector to sustain a 5% annual growth

The Indonesian government will need the support of private investors and local businesses to continue reaching and sustain its 5% annual growth.

According to an article published by Jakarta Globe, the key to successful development financing is in engaging the private sector. Infrastructure alone in Indonesia cannot be afforded by government efforts, especially when you consider that it will cost up to $600 billion to continue the much needed development to Indonesian roads, railways and ports.

The current unemployment rate in the country is at 22% among the youth, and around 13% of homes in Indonesia still don’t have access to electricity. It’s in the creation of jobs through local business development that will help Indonesia provide a better lifestyle for its people so that it’s growth doesn’t cripple the community and access to resources.

Philanthropy in Indonesia has provided a great scope for growth and development

The Indonesian government is infinitely grateful for its various partnerships with philanthropic foundations, including their partnership the Tanato Foundation. Under the leadership philosophy of Mr Sukanto Tanoto, the Tanoto Foundation has provided sustainable development implementation at both provincial and district levels.

The Tanoto Foundation contributes to the development of the Indonesian lifestyle directly through funding, and also in being actively involved in environmental awareness campaigns, education and scholarships. The foundation also provides eager learners with the opportunity to learn more about their industry (forestry and paper manufacturing) with the interest of creating more jobs in the industry and bringing Indonesian unemployment rates down.

The Tanoto Foundation together with other leading philanthropic foundations such as the Ford Foundation are dependably helping the Indonesian government to sustain growth and cater to the growing needs of its local communities.

Image Credit: Inside RGE – Volunteers from RAPP – Group’s Indonesia operations PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper’s (RAPP) ongoing commitment to community development

Tanoto Foundation Empowers community

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Image Credit: Project Sukacita Dec 7 to 11, 2015

Tanoto Foundation Project Sukacita

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