October 2016 – A Great Month for The Tanoto Foundation’s Support of Education In Indonesia

It is no secret that companies under the leadership of Mr Sukanto Tanoto are eager to do their bit, not only for the environment but for the community too. As such, we have seen the Tanoto Foundation and other companies that are part of the RGE group, contributing to the education sector in Indonesia.

Just this past month (October 2016), the Tanoto Foundation took their commitment to bettering Indonesian education to the next level. They did this by promising to increase access to education and also improve on the quality of education available to scholars.

Tanoto Foundation Provides Greater Access to Education

How exactly does the Tanoto Foundation plan to do this? First and foremost, the foundation is dedicated to providing hundreds of scholarships to students applying to study, across 35 universities in Indonesia.

The foundation has already set to work awarding National Champion Scholarships to 20 students studying at the University of Riau. Five Regional Champion Scholarships have also been awarded to students at the University of Riau, Riau Islamic University, State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim and the University of Lancang Kuning.

Tanoto Foundation Improves Quality of Education in Indonesia

The foundation is already hard at work on this one! The Tanoto Foundation currently partners with over 460 schools spread across the various provinces in Indonesia. In addition to offering workshops to help keep students motivated and focused, the foundation also funds the renovation of classrooms and dorms. Building libraries and acquiring sports equipment is also a part of the education program.

The Tanoto Foundation’s Chairman of the Board, Sihol Aritonang, stated that the new education program which is being offered is a reflection on the goals and aspirations of the visionary leader, Mr Sukanto Tanoto.

The Tanoto Foundation which was established by Mrs and Mr Sukanto Tanoto, is run with the objective of making a real difference to the community by providing support and reducing poverty afflictions. They do this through a triple-tiered approach of education, empowerment and an improved quality of life!

Image Credit: Goriau.com – Education Program / Indonesian students accept National Championship Scholarships from Tanoto Foundation

Image URL: https://www.goriau.com/assets/imgbank/08102016/ef51442b09e4d7245bfe7azch-59597.jpg

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