Tanoto Foundation’s 2016 Environmental Care Movement

While the companies operating under the Royal Global Eagle group (which Tanoto Foundation forms a large part of) are considered highly profitable businesses focused on their bottom line, it recently became evident that they care about a great deal more too. Just this past week, dozens of alumni awarded scholarships by the Tanoto Foundation, spent a weekend (from Friday 14th of October to Sunday 16th of October) doing their bit for the environment.

No ordinary “save the world” type of event

The alumni went all out to educate the surrounding communities on environmental care and to set a great example by collecting and compacting litter found in the recreational areas of Pamutusan Island. Some may say that this is another way that Mr Sukanto Tanoto (leader of the RGE group and its subsidiaries) is showing the world that a triple bottom line is the way to go.

What is the triple bottom line theory?

Mr Sukanto Tanoto believes that in order for any company to be successful, it has to be a good corporate citizen that observes the triple bottom line approach. This approach is one of “people, planet and profit”. If a business isn’t catering to all of these aspects, it’s not being a responsible corporate citizen.

The Environmental Care Movement Event was made possible by funding provided by the Tanoto Foundation and Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP). The participants in the event were mainly from the University of Riau, North Sumatra University, Gadjah Mada University, Institut Pertanian Bogor, Bogor Agricultural University, Academy of Engineering Pulp and Paper and the University of Lancang Kuning.

Environmental Awareness brings fun and activity to the community

The event, which was focused on providing the group with enlightened environmental awareness, also included an element of fun with various games and activities set out, each with an environmental message attached. Once the event came to an end, all participating alumni signed a declaration of love for the environment on a white cloth which will be kept for memory-sake by the Tanoto Foundation and RAPP.

The Tanoto Foundation spokesperson, Asri, said that the event was exceptionally well organised and showed excellent collaboration between the foundation’s alumni and RAPP. He also mentioned that it is the type of event that the local community and scholars can expect to be held regularly in the future. According to Asri, the event reflected perfectly on Mr Sukanto Tanoto’s concern for the environment and aim for RGE group companies to do good for the community, country, the climate and the company.

This is just another way that the RGE group is being kept on track and motivated to do what’s right in the industry under the excellent leadership of pioneer and visionary, Mr Sukanto Tanoto.

Image Credit: Gosumbar.com – Students pledge their dedication to loving the environment by signing their names on a white banner at the Tanoto Environmental Care Movement event.

Image URLhttps://www.gosumbar.com/assets/news/16102016/gosumbarcom_2cbbc_10300.jpg

Tanoto scholars

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