Teachers Training to Better Education Quality in Indonesia

Numerous studies have demonstrated that well-prepared teachers are one of the best assets a nation’s education system can offer its students. One study from Stanford University found, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, that investment in improving teacher quality and certification levels may be one of the most effective ways to encourage student achievement. The study’s quantitative analysis led researchers to conclude that, even after controlling for elements such as student income level, teacher preparation showed the strongest correlation with pupils’ progress in both math and reading. Knowing the importance of improving teacher quality in Indonesia’s education system, Sukanto Tanoto puts his philosophy into action through Tanoto Foundation who dedicated hard work to organise training programmes specially designed for teachers.

The Tanoto Foundation recently held one more in a series of teacher training workshops designed to provide Indonesian elementary school instructors with the skills and resources they will need to teach their students 21st century skills. Mr. Tanoto has extensive agricultural and business holdings in the province of Riau on Sumatra, and his companies and the foundation have worked closely with local communities to increase residents’ quality of life. In cooperation with SMA Pte Ltd., the foundation offered teachers in Simpang Kanan, Rohil, a training session designed to help improve their instructional skills. The teachers learned classroom management techniques and innovative ways to make learning fun. The foundation additionally distributed books and materials to local schools, whose officials praised the program.

Teachers Training Session with Tanoto Foundation

Teachers Training Session

Through such initiatives, the Tanoto Foundation is striving to assist Indonesia’s government agencies in reducing poverty rates through high-quality educational experiences and the empowerment of individuals and communities. Besides teachers training, the foundation provides scholarships and other educational opportunities, as well as medical and social services, to people in need in Indonesia and other parts of the world. Click here for more information about the Foundation.


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