Tanoto Foundation Supports Facilities Maintenance Training for Schools

Established by RGE Group founder and CEO Sukanto Tanoto, the Tanoto Foundation works to improve the quality of life for all Indonesians, particularly those who lack access to adequate educational and social welfare infrastructure. Working with the RGE Group company Asian Agri, the Tanoto Foundation recently took the initiative to provide training on proper facilities management to educational stakeholders in Indonesia. The training, offered to administrators, teachers, and school committee members representing half a dozen schools in the Pangkatan and Bilah Hulu sub-districts, consisted of instruction on regular daily, periodic, and unplanned maintenance issues.

Over the years, the Tanoto Foundation has funded a number of physical improvement projects for schools throughout Indonesia. The foundation has constructed new classrooms, built clean water supply infrastructure, and provided sanitary facilities such as hand-washing stations and toilets. In the recent repair and maintenance training, presenters discussed proper care of classrooms and their furniture, as well as cleanliness and sanitation topics. The 21 participants additionally gained extensive support in creating sound fiscal management and fundraising policies for their schools, which will ensure that they can continue to serve as safe and welcoming places for students for years to come.

RGE Water Facilities

Clean Water Facilities

Experienced administrators throughout the world understand that a sound facilities management plan is crucial to keeping any school operational. Building and equipment deterioration comes with significant costs, and additionally can cause the local community to lose confidence in the overall quality of the school.

An adequate facilities maintenance strategy will cover topics such as anticipated budgetary expenditures, checklists and timelines detailing upkeep schedules, and procedures for regular cleaning and inspection.

In the last decade, government officials in Indonesia have noted that a large number of the country’s primary schools have lingered in a state of disrepair. The situation has been so serious that some administrators have stated that the children’s safety is at risk. Through the efforts of the Tanoto Foundation, Indonesia’s school children have become not only better educated, but more secure as well.

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