Sateri Holdings Employees Donate Blood for the Community

In October 2014, 17 employees of Sateri Holdings stepped forward to contribute the maximum amount of blood allowable in a blood drive in the community of Dongpu in Fujian Province, China. Sateri’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department had responded quickly to a request for participation from town officials. After the blood drive, a Dongpu official made a special thank-you call to the Sateri offices.

The company asked its staff to consider sharing their own good health with people in need by participating in this worthy act of volunteerism. Given a choice between donating 200 or 400 cc of blood, the Sateri employees enthusiastically signed up to give the larger amount.

This kind of community spirit is not unusual among the companies that comprise RGE Group. Sateri, which produces viscose fibers from wood pulp for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, joins its sister companies in taking their cue from RGE Group founder and CEO Sukanto Tanoto. Mr. Tanoto’s business philosophy focuses on giving back to the local communities in which his companies operate. He and his family also oversee a wide range of charitable endeavors, including those that provide medical services and education, through their Tanoto Foundation.

Another RGE company, Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, or RAPP, encourages its staff to participate in quarterly blood drives in its home base of Riau Province, Indonesia. To date, the RAPP-sponsored drives have contributed more units of blood to the Indonesian people than any other such efforts in Riau. Click here for the article.

Throughout the developing world, hospitals and medical facilities are in urgent need of a regular supply of blood. In Chinese culture, the donation of blood is not quite the routine event it has become in North America. Traditional Chinese views focus on the importance of maintaining the strength of an individual’s qi, or life force. Because this philosophy associates the life force with blood, many people who genuinely want to help others may still hesitate to donate. Public awareness campaigns have succeeded in changing this view to some extent, and some practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have come forward to say that donating up to 400 cc at a time is not only safe, but may actually improve a person’s long-term health.

Sateri Holdings, which maintains a production facility in China’s Jiangxi Province, opened a new viscose staple fiber mill in Fujian in late 2013. The company’s fiber-based products are incorporated into a variety of uses, including textile fabrics, baby wipes, surgical dressings, and other sanitary items.

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