Sateri Uses Basketball to Promote Work-Life Balance

Sateri employees play basketball

A major viscose staple fiber manufacturer in China’s Jiangxi and Fujian Provinces, Sateri Holdings is also a community-focused company that strives to create a positive work environment for its employees. With that goal in mind, the company recently held its first Sateri Cup basketball challenge game in the city of Bei’an, in Heilongjiang Province. Executives from the city’s publicity office and a local volunteer organization joined Lin Liqin of Sateri’s Fujian-based Department of Corporate Affairs to cheer on the 22 teams that participated in the event.

Some players represented nearby government institutions and businesses. Sateri put together its own branded team, as well as the Royal Golden Eagle Engineering Team. Royal Golden Eagle, or RGE Group, is the parent corporation of which Sateri is a part. RGE’s founder and current head is Sukanto Tanoto, a self-made Indonesian-born entrepreneur with family roots in China. Throughout his wide range of diversified business interests, Mr. Tanoto has consistently promoted the well-being of employees, the environment, and the communities in which his companies operate.

Sateri follows this lead in taking an active role in fostering a healthy work-life balance for its employees. Experts in human resources management throughout the industrialized world commonly cite work-life balance as contributing to better morale and heightened productivity. By making it easier for their staff members to attend to important personal concerns such as spending time with family and friends, caring for loved ones, staying fit, participating in community events, and pursuing personal enrichment activities, forward-thinking companies such as Sateri cultivate a less-stressed and more focused workforce.

Basketball, one of the world’s most popular and accessible sports, is played in teams of 10 players each, but individuals of all ages and levels of fitness can also challenge themselves on the court alone or in small groups. Almost anyone can set up a hoop in the front yard, or find a local team to join. Basketball routinely receives praise from players and physicians for its ability to increase muscle tone and endurance, burn significant amounts of calories, and contribute to greater balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Basketball’s ability to promote teamwork and community spirit wasn’t lost on the Sateri team organizers. Although neither the Sateri nor the Royal Golden Eagle team ended up the winner after several sessions of round-robin play, the friendly and sportsmanlike attitudes of the company’s players succeeded in further integrating Sateri into the community.

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