A Market with Love: Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL Spreads the Love with Ramadhan Market

Sukanto Tanoto has always been a firm believer of meritocracy, that hard work and competence should be the only factors in equation for success. After all, it was only through sheer force of will and graft that he managed to build the empire he owns today. Currently the chairman of RGE, which manages companies such as APRIL, Sateri, and Pacific Oil and Gas, the billionaire entrepreneur is a bona fide success who serves as an inspiration to many.

Focusing on the right things

A Market with Love: Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL Spreads the Love with Ramadhan Market

In over 50 years of business, Sukanto Tanoto has survived and thrived with a willingness to adapt and change with the markets. Throughout it all, he has remained steadfast in his belief that finding the right people with the right skills –regardless of race, religion, or association –remains the key to success. It is a maxim he has been quick to repeat on many occasions, and one he has applied to all his businesses. The Ramadhan market organised by PT RAPP, APRIL’s Indonesian subsidiary, is a live example of the tolerance, and acceptance of diversity as espoused by Sukanto Tanoto.

A place for friends, tolerance, and acceptance

The Ramadhan market, held every afternoon, is well-loved by PT RAPP employees and residents alike. It sells a wide variety of dishes, many of which cannot be found at the PT RAPP food complex, and is a welcome addition –for both observers and non-observers of Ramadhan. In a world that is often all-too-quick to rail against difference, it is a heart-warming change that employees of different backgrounds, races, and religions are mingling and embracing each other’s cultures.

The Ramadhan market is one of APRIL’s many initiatives to empower, build, and provide positive change for its people and communities. An initiative in line with Sukanto Tanoto’ s 4Cs philosophy – of creating good for the Community, Country, Climate, and Company – the Ramadhan market is surely set to stay.

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