Asia Symbol Wastewater Treatment Program Earns Award

Asia Symbol Wastewater Treatment
Asia Symbol Wastewater Treatment

Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., accepted an award for its corporate social responsibility efforts from the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI) in December 2014. Co-presenting the award was the China WTO Tribune, a publication of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The two organizations came together to recognize companies that exemplified the “Best CSR Practices of Foreign-invested Enterprises in China.”

Asia Symbol, one of the many companies under the leadership of Indonesian businessman Sukanto Tanoto’s $15 billion RGE Group, earned the award for an innovative and successful urban sewage recycling project, which represented an investment of more than $68 million Chinese renminbi. Working with the goal of saving precious water resources and serving as a good steward of the natural environment, Asia Symbol brought over state-of-the-art water-treatment equipment from Singapore for use in its Chinese operation. After the plant treats the water discharged by the company’s pulp production center, the company can then repurpose it for further industrial uses.

Because it is a leading producer in its industry, with an annual capacity of well over 1 million tons of pulp product, Asia Symbol’s focus on recycling has made a significant contribution to maintaining the local environment. The company, operating in China for the past decade, runs facilities in Shandong and Guangdong.

Asia Symbol’s new urban wastewater treatment process, in operation since December 2013, now maintains a daily capacity for treating 40,000 tons of water. This volume of recycling has reduced the use of more than 10 million tons of fresh water, a savings equivalent to the water to service some 100,000 homes per year. The new initiative has additionally eliminated significant amounts of chemical emissions into the atmosphere.

RGE Group companies, at the direction of Mr. Tanoto, have all pursued the goal of preserving the environment and bettering living conditions for people in the communities in which they do business. The current award is among several recognitions of these efforts in modeling a high level of CSR.


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