Tony Wenas Talks about the Responsibilities and Subtleties of Running a Company

Tony Wenas, Director of PT RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper), has recently given an interview to Indonesian paper Investor Daily, outlining the importance of a harmonious approach to business, while pointing out that honesty and focus are the keys to any business’ success.

The Business Orchestra

Mr. Wenas has talked about his past as a musician in the fairly successful Indonesian group, Solid ’80. He likened the work, dedication and harmony required for running a company with the same qualities needed to organize an orchestra.

Just as the music performed by an orchestra may be ruined without that harmony, so does it influence a company, as its leader has to focus a great deal on organizing employees based on their skills to make sure everyone “plays the right instrument” and that the company can truly realize the vision it was constructed for.

Honesty and Focus

Freshly graduating from law school, Mr. Wenas has soon decided to learn more about business, and its many implications both in the industrial sector and regarding legal issues. Although the challenge itself was great, he continued learning and moving through the various sectors of business and industry, until he became established as leader of RAPP, one of the major companies part of the RGE Group run by visionary and esteemed entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto.

During his years leading RAPP, Mr. Wenas has found it extremely easy to adapt his visions and concepts to Sukanto Tanoto’s philosophy based on the three Cs – making sure his efforts are good for the company, community and country.

He also pointed out that, throughout his career, he had found two qualities that assisted him in reaching the success he had always dreamed of: honesty about one’s actions and intense focus on the next goals.

Tony Wenas is a living example of a man who, through dedication, learning, integrity and focus, can overcome the challenges of the business world even without any connections. His remarkable career remains an inspiration for all aspiring young students and entrepreneurs looking to turn their dreams into reality.

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