Holders of Tanoto Scholarships Graduate from Singapore Management University

Tanoto Foundation was founded by Mr & Mrs Sukanto Tanoto with the primary aim to alleviate poverty, through education, enhancement and empowerment. Tanoto Foundation’s works are very prominent in Indonesia whereby hundreds of Tanoto scholarships have been given out to support students for their education. Besides Indonesia, Tanoto Foundation is also very active in their works in China. Many people are very familiar with the term ‘Tanoto Scholars’, especially among students, parents and educational institutions.

Besides Indonesia and China, Tanoto Foundation is also active in Singapore. Compared to Indonesia and China, the number of scholarships given out  in Singapore is relatively lower, but nonetheless, these Tanoto scholarships helped students to achieve their dreams and pursue for higher education. Since 2001, the Tanoto Foundation has been generously supporting bright Singapore Management University students with Tanoto Scholarship. The details of the scholarship and eligibility can be found here. This year, another batch of Tanoto scholars from Singapore Management University have just graduated from their universities.

Tanoto Foundation Scholars with Mr Willie Sia from Tanoto Foundation at SMU Commencement Ceremony 2014

Known as the Singapore Management University Commencement Ceremony,  Mr Willie Sia from Tanoto Foundation personally attended the ceremony to personally congratulate and encourage the scholars for their graduation. This is because Sukanto Tanoto has always been interested in the personal development of each individual scholar, rather than treating this as yet another charity and philanthropy activity.

These scholars have taken part in many projects organised by Tanoto Foundation and one of them is Project Sukacita, a community involvement project which focuses on the improvement of the childcare centers and health screenings services for the community in Sumatra, Indonesia. Tanoto scholars are also engaged in in various networking sessions with industry partners and alumni scholars in order to maintain strong connections with each other. More than that, Tanoto scholars are also given the opportunity to take on internship and career opportunities with companies in the group.

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