Tanoto Foundation Signs Empowerment Partnership with Fellow NGO

Tanoto Foundation Signs Empowerment Partnership with NGO

The Tanoto Foundation, established more than three decades ago by Indonesian-born, self-made entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto and his wife, works to fund vital social, medical, and educational services in underserved regions of Indonesia. The foundation additionally offers a number of opportunities for individuals to attend entrepreneurship training and supports a variety of community-building projects. Mr. Tanoto believes that, by facilitating access to education and empowerment for all Indonesia’s citizens, the developing nation will be better equipped to address long-standing issues of poverty and inequality.

That is why the Tanoto Foundation is pleased to announce its recent partnership with the Tano Uli Basa Foundation, which also works to strengthen communities by providing increased access to education, health care, and social services, particularly for people in rural parts of the country.

In January 2015, the two organizations signed an agreement to collaborate on community development projects such as an integrated agricultural program in North Sumatra’s Humbang Hasundutan Regency. Other proposed projects focus on developing renewable energy sources, improving the quality of feed for farm animals, and bringing any associated products to a wider market.

On the occasion of the signing, Sihol Aritonang, an executive with the Tanoto Foundation, spoke of the congruent goals of his organization and the Tano Uli Basa Foundation, which are now working together to create a better future for every citizen of Indonesia. The head of the Tano Uli Basa board, Djisman Manurung, also voiced appreciation for the partnership, emphasizing that he particularly wants to see the results of increased development in Humbang Hasundutan.

A January 2015 article in the Jakarta Post quoted figures from Indonesia’s Central Statistics Agency indicating that the number of poor people in North Sumatra had increased by close to half a percentage point since early 2014. A total of nearly 75,000 more North Sumatrans now live in poverty than were in that situation the previous year. Inflation, slow economic growth, and unemployment are to blame for much of the problem, according to the article, as is a recent drop in the Farmers Exchange Rate.

Now, more than ever, North Sumatra needs programs such as the collaboration between the Tanoto Foundation and the Tano Uli Basa Foundation.

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