Tanoto Foundation Improving the Quality of Education

The Tanoto Foundation, founded by Mr & Mrs Sukanto Tanoto launched their first scholarship program, the National Scholarship Program (NSP), in 2006. The NSP is for scholars from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who have high academic performance levels, have leadership potential and are pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


Since the Tanoto Foundation’s first Scholarship program started they have granted 6300 scholarships, positively influencing many families and communities. Over the years the Foundation has broadened its scholarship program, and today it consists of 6 different programs: National Champion Scholarship, Regional Champion Scholarship, Tanoto Teacher Scholarship, Vocational Scholarship, Youth Scholarship and the Sayap Garuda Scholarship.


On 19 August 2016 the annual convention for the Tanoto Scholarship Gathering (TSG) in Indonesia was held in Pangkalan Kerinci, Sumatra. It was attended by 290 Tanoto scholars from 32 universities across the country.


The conference gives Tanoto Scholars an opportunity to build up their teamwork and leadership skills through activities and games, as well as attend seminars and discussions on nationhood, public speaking and the sustainability of a business.  Representatives from Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), the Tanoto Foundation’s corporate partner, were present at the event and spoke extensively about the ethical integrity of the Tanoto foundation and the RGE managed companies.


In Singapore, the TSG was held at the Singapore Management University with the largest attendance record to date, with 55 scholars consisting of students, teachers and Project Sukacita volunteers, from the island nation’s top three universities. Project Sukacita is a programme driven by Tanoto Foundation Scholars, and is aimed at providing community service such as health screenings, health awareness talks and educational programmes to impoverished communities at Pangkalan Kerinci.


Anderson Tanoto and Imelda Tanoto whom are both members of the Tanoto Foundation board of Trustees, attended these TSGs respectively. When addressing the attendees in Indonesia, Anderson Tanoto emphasised the importance of having the correct values and character to be able to actively contribute to the community and the country, while Imelda Tanoto urged the scholars in Singapore to never give up on their dreams and to persevere.

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