Sukanto Tanoto : Tanoto Foundation Project Sukacita 2012

Project Sukacita I is a pilot community project planned and executed by Tanoto Foundation, founded by Sukanto Tanoto. This project gathers Tanoto Foundation scholars from Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University to do a community service together. The beneficiaries are Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) childcare centers and schools in the local community (Kerinci, Indonesia) where the company operates in. Besides educating the children in local communities, the scholars also had many hands-on experiences to give tangible benefit such as spring cleaning of all the childcare centres, gardening and doing up the mural paintings on the walls of the centers. Given the Foundation’s mission to work with communities to address root causes of poverty, the Tanoto scholarship beneficiaries were given an opportunity to become benefactors and work with the local communities.

Day 1:
Scholars decorated Taruna library with motivational posters and shout-out boards which are designed by the team. They also interacted with the children in the centers.

Day 2:
Scholars started their mural painting on the walls of the childcare centres and performed mini skit, imparting important virtues such as filial piety to the children.

Day 3:
Tanoto scholars organized hand craft session such as Do-It-Yourself puzzles and paper roll butterflies. Lastly, Tanoto Scholars also participated in the gardening work for the plants around the center.

Day 4 and 5:
Scholars continued mural painting in two more childcare centres. After realizing the lack of hygiene standard in the area, the scholars also took the chance to interact more with caregivers, educating them the importance of hygiene and giving them practical tips on how to ensure high level of hygiene such as how to wash hands and brush teeth properly. They also printed pictures of steps on washing hands and brushing teeth to be placed at various locations to remind the local communities.

Tanoto Foundation Scholars from Singapore

Tanoto Foundation Scholars from Singapore

The project was a big success and received many good feedbacks from the local communities. What was supposed to be a pilot project has turned out as a permanent annual community service activity for the scholars. Here are some of the reflections from participating scholars:

Tanoto Foundation Scholars Mural Painting

Tanoto Foundation Scholars Mural Painting

“I would like to thank Tanoto Foundation for organizing such a trip. Not only did I enjoy preparing and executing the activities and decoration ideas, I also learnt a lot more about the company. Through the trip, I could finally really understand Pak Sukanto Tanoto’s stand that a business has to be good for the environment, the community, and the bottom line in order to be sustainable; as I witness the synergy in different parts of the business. The people that I have met during the trip leave a lasting impression of being hardworking, helpful, and cheerful – emanating the aura of everyone working unanimously to progress, moving as a unified body in order to achieve a shared goal. Lastly, I cannot suppress the joy and pride of being sponsored by a company that industriously and sincerely pioneers and practices Corporate Social Responsibility.. I would really recommend such Community Service Project to be integrated into the scholarship scheme.” – Inez, Singapore Management University, Year 2 Information Systems student.

“I am blessed to be a part of Tanoto Foundation the big family and to be given the opportunity to participate Project Sukacita with a team of interesting people. I enjoyed each phase of the project, the preparation of documents, the purchase of materials, the mural painting, and the hand craft session etc.; most importantly, I was touched to learn the goodness of giving back, the importance of cooperation, and the power of hardworking. I was greatly impressed by the cohesiveness and precision within every single division of the paper mill, and amazed by the transformation from a tiny seeding to a refined paper via an environmental friendly process; further more, I gained a first hand understanding of how does everyone of the Group work diligently to realize the same goal, how does Mr. Sukanto Tanoto’s business philosophy trickle down to motivate every participant. I truly appreciate that I’m sponsored by a foundation from a business Group which takes community harmony seriously and works industriously to make the most benefits possible. Thank you! ” – Yichen, Singapore Management University, Year 3 Business student.

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