The staff of Asia Symbol, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, put smiles on the faces of ‘left behind’ children in Rizhao


A day of fun with the ‘left-behind’ children of the local community, Asia Symbol staff and a DIY lunch.

Asia Symbol Pulp and Co. staff got to be heroes for a weekend with the Hand-in-Hand and You-and-Me corporate social responsibility initiatives, established by businessman and philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto, founder of the Tanoto Foundation.

Staff from the Shandong-based pulp and paperboard plant spent the weekend with what are known as ‘left-behind’ children, whose parents have migrated to larger cities in search of employment. ‘Adopting’ a ‘left-behind’ child, staff treated the 14 excited children to a weekend on the town in Rizhao.

With plenty of smiles and enthusiastic giggles, the children were escorted, hand-in-hand by staff members throughout the city and along the river for a weekend of sightseeing, with the sole purpose of spreading love and care to these abandoned children of the local community, as envisioned by Mr. Tanoto himself.

Calling in at several attractions throughout the city, such as several museums and the newly constructed Rizhao Jianghe library, a RMB 30 million project generously headed up by RGE Chairman, Sukanto Tanoto, the children were delighted to be able to explore the city. The day was an eye-opening and thrilling experience for these children, most of whom hail from rural areas.

Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation, empower children to read through his donations

The Rizhao Jianghe Library offered up a real treat for the children, with the Asia Symbol staff and children spending the afternoon reading and interacting with many new books and supplies, graciously donated by Mr Tanoto himself on 1 June 2016, in commemoration of International Children’s Day.

To add to the day’s excitement, which also happened to coincide with the end of the children’s mid-term exams, everyone was treated to a DIY lunch. Each of the 14 children and Asia Symbol staff were given the chance to make their own burger meal. Kitted out with aprons, hats and gloves, the DIY lunch, fun and games proved to be a massive hit.

No doubt, this was a truly touching and moving experience for Asia Symbol staff as well as the ‘left-behind’ children. Asia Symbol, as part of the RGE group of companies founded by chairman Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, continually strives to give back to the local community and environment wherever possible.

You can follow the founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn.

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