Riau Andalan Women Association Keeps Unity in Diversity in Kerinci

Pangkalan Kerinci, known to the locals as Kerinci, is situated in Pelalawan in the Riau province in Indonesia. This town is home to Royal Golden Eagle’s key palm oil operations of Asian Agri, founded by entrepreneur and business man Sukanto Tanoto, as well as its pulp and paper manufacturing operations, Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL), also founded by Sukanto Tanoto.

As founder and Chairman of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto brought economic growth and prosperity to the remote area when he made the decision to build the main APRIL and Asian Agri manufacturing operations in Kerinci. This turned the previously small village with only dirt roads and 200 dwellings housing fishermen, illegal loggers and their families, into a thriving town with over 102 000 inhabitants, 11 000 kilometres of road, a small airport and two shipping ports.

Life in Kerinci

life in Kerinci IndonesiaAlthough there are many different Indonesian ethnic groups living in Kerinci, life there is always peaceful. The main goal for Azrina Rudi Fajar as the new chairman of Riau Andalan Women Association (RAWA) is to keep the unity in diversity during her term in office during 2016 to 2019.

RAWA is a valued program of the community of Kerinci. Primarily it supports the female roles in APRIL and RAPP, and gives an opportunity for women to share their knowledge about maternal and children’s health, upbringing and other subjects. It is also vital in promoting the roles women play in the development of society.

In addition to being housewives or employees of APRIL or RAPP, the members of RAWA play an important role in implementing and educating fellow inhabitants in health care, mutual assistance, skills training and providing social services.

RAWA is based on the principles of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies, which is that all operations must be good for the community, good for the country, good for the climate and good for the company.


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