Reading is Essential as an Entrepreneur

Reading is Sukanto Tanoto’s biggest hobby. He believes that a good book may benefit him for his whole life and each time he re-reads it, he gains new insights like never before.

He has read a lot of books, from Mao Zedong’s On Contradiction to various works on administration, from humanities to professional topics.

“The wisdom of the Chinese culture has been implanted into the blood of each Chinese, and it has never changed!” He learnt Chinese as a little boy, so it is not hard at all for him to read Chinese books. Every time he is at an airport, he would go to bookshops and buy dozens of books. No matter how busy and tired he is, he has never stopped reading.

Sukanto Tanoto‘s wife, Tinah Bingei joked that they have so many books that they can set up a library. True enough, this materialised when they donated to the building of a library in INSEAD Singapore, named Tanoto Library.

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