RAPP and APRIL Provide Lukit with Boreholes for Fresh Water

rapp april provide fresh waterRiau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL) worked together to bring fresh running water to the village community of Lukit in the Merbau district of the Meranti Islands, Riau by drilling two boreholes and connecting them to central taps in the village.

Previously the inhabitants of the village had only two options to obtain fresh water, which were to fetch water from the river and carry it back to their homes, or to collect rain water when it rained. Now, thanks to the initiative of RAPP and APRIL, both of which form part of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group of companies founded by Sukanto Tanoto, the villagers have running water on tap.

These boreholes will not only lessen the time it takes to fetch water for their homes, but will also be a great relief during the upcoming dry season when the river shrinks and the chances of collecting rain water are very slim.

On the same day that RAPP and APRIL installed the boreholes, additional RAPP staff members performed free health checks for the inhabitants of Lukit, while APRIL employees gave firefighting and fire prevention training to 5 selected groups of villagers.

The training and Enhancement of Quality of Living programmes performed by RAPP and APRIL are part of RGE’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme set into place by philanthropist and Founder and Chairman of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto.

RAPP and APRIL work closely with non-profit organisation Tanoto Foundation, established by Sukanto Tanoto, to co-ordinate free health checks, educational and enhancement of quality of living programmes. The Tanoto Foundation is Sukanto Tanoto’s way of giving back to the community, people and the country. It was built on the Sukanto Tanoto’s belief that every human being has the fundamental right to create a better life for themselves, and therefore the Tanoto Foundation focuses on the three E’s: Education, Empowerment and the Enhancement of Quality of Lives.

For more information on Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto foundation visit:

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