Project Sukacita – Tanoto Foundation Scholars give the gift of good health to the children of Kerinci

Medical students from Indonesia and Singapore visited the town of Kerinci, Sumatra as part of a public health program initiated by RGE, the resource-based global enterprise founded by business leader and entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto.

Several Tanoto Scholars, whose studies are being sponsored by the Tanoto Foundation, which believes that every human being deserves a right to a better life through education, had the opportunity to meet some of Kerinci’s children during their stay.

Giving back and learning crucial skills

As doctors-in-training, this interaction provided the Tanoto Scholars with essential skills for their future careers as they taught their young hosts the basics of personal and dental hygiene.

After the public health training session, the children were treated to presentations about English and cultural activities by their visiting mentors as shown in this video.

A life-changing experience

Project Sukacita forms part of Sukanto Tanoto’s vision for community development, which emphasizes a clean environment, a high degree of public health awareness, and the value of early childhood education.

Visiting students from Indonesia and Singapore’s bustling urban centers were able to contribute to this vision and found the experience to be eye-opening.

As Tanoto Scholars, they will return to their medical studies with a sense of duty toward communities throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia where efforts by RGE, APRIL and the Tanoto Foundation are transforming communities and raising living standards on a daily basis. The Tanoto family, through the efforts of the foundation continue to support programs that endeavor to alleviate poverty and uplift the standard of living and way of life within these communities.

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Tanoto Foundation Project Sukacita


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