Sukanto Tanoto – Local Entrepreneurs

The RGM Group had its humble beginnings on 13 August 1973, as a plywood manufacturer in Medan, Indonesia. Sukanto Tanoto recognised the opportunities in the local Indonesian industry where there was a huge untapped potential in manufacturing industry.

The Company, PT Raja Garuda Mas or “RGM” was established to leverage these opportunities, and Sukanto Tanoto proceeded to build a modern plywood mill with state of the art technology. The mill was completed four months ahead of time, and this was to be a landmark trait of all RGM projects.

It was during the formative years of the RGM Group that the Group’s culture and work ethics became apparent, and these later became entrenched in all the business groups. The burgeoning RGM culture was one that embraced a pioneering spirit, a strong sense of commitment and integrity, a tenacious will to succeed, a continuous learning mindset and a hardworking attitude. The culture of managing projects along “TQC” (Time, Quality, Cost) concept would later be synonymous with the “PEC-Tech” way, in light of the fast-track and efficient manner that the company managed the construction of its projects.

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