Indonesia’s kampung all set for upcoming improvements thanks to the Tanoto Foundation

In recent philanthropic news from the Tanoto Foundation, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, great things are in store for kampungs in Indonesia in the upcoming months. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “kampung” is what informal settlements / villages are called in Indonesia.

In Jakarta, in particular, kampungs are a common sight and these areas are places where all classes are welcome. Kampung designated areas develop as a direct result of insufficient urban housing in Indonesia. It has been the recent focus of the Tanoto Foundation, headed up by Mr Sukanto Tanoto to help with the urbanisation issue in the area of Jakarta.

Seminar determines that infrastructure of kampungs should be improved and recognized

In an attempt to bring key community contributors together to brainstorm urbanisation ideas, the Tanoto Foundation recently hosted an “Urbanization, Urban Housing and Housing Finance in Indonesia: Lessons Learned and Critical Thoughts to Move Forward” seminar. It was here that Gunawan Tjahjono, architect of the university of Indonesia, presented information showing that kampung are not slums. He also proposed a variety of ideas on how to successfully urbanise and improve these areas for the sake of Jakarta and its community.

The general consensus was that kampung should not be eliminated, but rather improved on by encouraging the government to record kampung land areas, make improvements to the infrastructure, legalize land status and create a new special plan.

Of course, better services should be provided to these areas too, and for this to happen, financial assistance would be required from banks, the government and local businesses. The Tanoto Foundation aims to aid in this regard.

Urban housing development programs and kampung go hand in hand

Thanks to Mr Sukanto Tanoto and the Tanoto Foundation bringing attention to this pressing matter, kampung are set to see some positive changes which include better housing, improved sanitation and health care, fire prevention systems and more.

Now the spirit and culture of kampung can be kept alive in Indonesia without compromising the image of the country. The efforts to improve kampong areas also aids in improving the quality of life for many residents of Indonesia who are suffering as a result of the poor urban housing development programs.



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