Indonesian Youth Delegation Supported by Tanoto Foundation of Central Importance in the Y20 Summit

Indonesian Youth Delegation Supported by Tanoto Foundation of Central Importance in the Y20 Summit

Once a year, the 20 most economically powerful countries in the world get together to discuss various changes, policies and new initiatives as part of the Group 20 Summit.

Lately, however, the Group has allowed other participants to the Summit as well and, in 2010, Youth 20 was formed – a group of young people from the same countries that get together to discuss and contribute to policies that affect the local and global community.

The Youth 20 Summit

The Y20 meeting has been organized in August of this year in Turkey, a few months before the official Group 20 Summit is to take place. Supported by the Tanoto Foundation, a group of 4 bright young individuals were sent by Indonesia to the forum.

They were Biondi Sanda Sima, Kristia Davina Sianipar, Rocky Intan and Adiska Fardani, and they were well-received by the group, taking part to the debates between the 16th and 21st of August as the Summit unfolded.

Recommendations for Improving Education

The four delegates participated quite actively to the Y20 talks, focusing particularly on recommendations regarding the educational problems that affect both Indonesia and the global community. Their main recommendation was to improve conditions for teachers and professors, by, among other motions, increasing their compensation.

While this motion was not received too well at first, especially by European countries, it was eventually granted after lengthy debates and the advantages that other representatives from countries like Brazil and South Africa had brought to the table. The recommendation is now part of the communiqué that will be presented at the G20 Summit in November.

Overall, Indonesia’s participation to the summit was considered to be a resounding success and was also a significant step forward for the recognition of Indonesian youth and the promotion of an increased involvement of the young generation in matters that affect both local and global communities on a larger scale.

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