Asian Agri wins first prize at the Riau Investment Award 2016

In December 2016 Asian Agri won the first prize at the Riau Investment Award 2016 for the company’s commitment to consistently having made positive contributions to the regional development of Riau.

Held by the Agency for Promotion and Investment Area of the Riau Provence,the Riau Investment Award is a competition for companies that contribute to the province’s local revenue as well as it’s communities and environment.

The companies eligible to enter this competition are chosen from a list of recommended companies compiled by the Riau District/ City. These companies are then approached by the representatives of the Agency for Promotion and Investment Area and asked to make a presentation before the assesment team made up of members of the Investment Coordinating Board, the local police, Apindo and the Department of Labour.

PT. Artificial Indosawit core Lush Gardens and Ukui represented Asian Agri in the competition and received first prize in the Domestic Investors category. The assesment of the companies were broken down into four sectors:

  • Investment Activity Report (30%)
  • Employment (30%)
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility activities (20%)
  • Environmental management (20%)

Head of CSR and Sustainability Operations of Asian Agri Welly Pardede, who received the award in name of Asian Agri, said that “This award makes us even more excited to continue to contribute to provide the best for the development of the country both in terms of the economy, and no less important is the welfare of its citizens.”

The award is even more valuable to the company as the basic principles put into place by the founder of Asian Agri, Sukanto Tanoto, and which the company is built on, are that all business operations should be good for the country, good for the community, good for the climate and good for the company.

Asian Agri the company

Asian Agri forms a part of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, and is one of Asia’s leading producers of crude palm oil (CPO) with a production capacity of one million tonnes of palm oil. Managing 28 palm oil plantations and 19 palm oil mills, roughly 25000 people are employed throughout its operations.

For further information, you can visit Mr Sukanto Tanoto official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles.

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