Tanoto Foundation makes a difference with the “One Month, One Action” project

Schooling across rural parts of Indonesia can be different with limited access to services, facilities and study materials. It is the responsibility of community leaders to make a difference in the education sector so that the youth of Indonesia can take the country to greater heights in the future.  Education has been a focus of the Tanoto Foundation, under the leadership of business man and visionary, Mr Sukanto Tanoto, to make a difference to education at all levels, from elementary schools to universities.

Educators, students and key decision makers come together monthly

With the One Month, One Action project, the aim is to develop a series of sustainable activities to be hosted within the schools, once a month, on an ongoing basis. This is a hands-on learning model where students and educators all participate.

The project is also aimed at bringing key decision makers together each month to discuss the governing of schools and to brainstorm better ways to run things and provide a more valuable education to students.

The Tanoto Foundation wants local schools to participate in the program in support of a better education system in Indonesia. In this way the foundation believes that it is ensuring that the youth of the country get the type of education that can make a difference to Indonesian communities in the future.

RGE Group is committed to uplifting the communities at large

The Tanoto Foundation is dedicated to philanthropic activities in and around Indonesia. Headed up by Mr Sukanto Tanoto, the foundation forms part of the RGE Group of companies. While the group is highly successful in Indonesia, Mr Sukanto Tanoto is dedicated to improving the community and quality of life for disadvantaged Indonesians.

Tanoto lives and works by a policy that balances profits with the needs of the people and the planet. The One Month, One Action project is just one of many projects that the Tanoto Foundation under Mr Sukanto Tanoto champions.

One Month One Action meeting in progress

One Month One Action meeting in progress

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