Tanoto Foundation encourages and strengthens cultural exchange programs

The Tanoto Foundation under the leadership of visionary and successful Indonesian business man Mr Sukanto Tanoto, has been involved in providing scholarships for Indonesian students to study in Singapore with Singapore Management University & Mutiara Harapan.

Not just a once-off philanthropic effort

Mr Sukanto Tanoto further strengthened the existing cultural exchange program by providing young Indonesian children from Mutiara Harapan the opportunity to visit the Singapore Management University. Once there they will hear first-hand, from Tanoto Foundation scholarship alumni, just how enjoyable and beneficial their scholarships and studies are.

A group of 44 students in the 7th and 8th grades were treated to a four-day overseas Edu-Trip to the Singapore Management University earlier in 2016. Once the Tanoto Foundation scholarship alumni had shared their study experiences in Singapore with the students, they were given a tour of the university campus. They also got to see a few places of interest, which included the Singapore Science Centre, Aqua KLSS, Melaka Museum and the Maritime Museum.

The Tanoto Foundation has in fact hosted four Edu-Trips for Indonesian scholars in an attempt to build and maintain a strong cultural understanding between the two countries and also to encourage students to get excited about their future study and work prospects.

Tanoto Foundation supports teacher training at Mutiara Harapan schools

In addition to strengthening cultural exchange ties with the Singapore Management University, the Tanoto Foundation also provides a great deal of additional support to teachers working at various Mutiara Harapan schools. This is done through ongoing training and providing teachers with the opportunity to visit the best Indonesian schools.

The foundation also hosts various competitions for the students with the objective of getting them actively involved in learning, thereby creating better futures for themselves.

It’s an undeniable fact that with each Edu-Trip arranged by the Tanoto Foundation, students are inspired to be the best that they can be, ultimately boosting their own future quality of life and the Indonesian economy.
Mr Sukanto Tanoto‘s vision for the Tanoto Foundation is to improve the lives of people through education, empowerment and enhancement.

Tanoto Scholars and Alumni from Singapore Management University together with 44 Mutiara Harapan visiting students.

Tanoto Scholars and Alumni from Singapore Management University together with 44 Mutiara Harapan visiting students.

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