APRIL Group Chairman Talks about APRIL’s Involvement in the Butterfly Habitat Enhancement Project

Mr. Bey Soo Kiang, the chairman of APRIL Group, has recently made an important address outlining APRIL’s goals in land conservation and the importance of the active involvement of the company – together with NParks and the local government – in the enhancement project designed to improve the Ang Mo Kio butterfly habitat.

The Importance of the Project

While the project itself did not change the face of Indonesian environmental practices as we know it, it had great importance in bringing together students, government officials and companies like APRIL Group in a common goal toward enhancing a butterfly habitat by improving its landscape and making it a friendlier, more welcoming place for visitors.

Outlining the role that APRIL Group has played in the successful completion of this project, Mr. Bey Soo Kiang has thanked all those involved, while showing how the simple planting of a few trees and plants can, in time, help the habitat grow to attract more wildlife species, such as butterflies, dragonflies and birds, significantly improving urban biodiversity.

APRIL’s Land Conservation Goals

Mr. Bey Soo Kiang has also talked about APRIL’s commitment to land conservation and to adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

For the past 10 years, the company has been actively involved in creating plantations in areas like Sumatra and Riau, while their more recent achievements include the acquisition of more than 70,000 hectares of degraded land as part of an ecological restoration project.

Fire prevention and sustainable forest management are also on the cards, as Mr. Bey pointed out APRIL’s invaluable contributions in fire free village programs and initiatives such as “The Fascinating World of Forestry” – a program designed to help teach students about the importance of responsible resource and land management.

APRIL’s chairman humbly concluded by offering thanks to fellow participants in the butterfly habitat enhancement project, further emphasizing the importance of striving towards a more sustainable future.

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